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Category of Sponsorship

Platinum, Gold, Silver sponsorship and Exhibitor category have been sold out.

TierPrice JPYBenefits
Exhibition boothPresentation at participants dinner (about 3-5 minutes)Company introduction of the programCompany logo display on banner (signboard etc.) and goodsCompany introduction on the WebFree
in the
Platinum1,400,0003.6m×3.6mYes2 pagesLarge logo1 page Photo + descriptions3 persons
Gold800,0002.7m×2.7mNo1 pageLarge Logo0.5 page Descriptions3 persons
Silver600,0001.8m×2.25mNo0.5 pageMedium LogoA few lines
2 persons
Bronze200,000NoNo0.5 pageSmall LogoLogo only2 persons
Exhibitor400,0001.8m×2.25mNoNoNoNo1 person
SpecialDepends on the content offered *1)NoNoNo*1)No*1)

*1) Items to be provided and sponsorship benefits shall be confirmed with the Executive Committee at the time of application.

Sponsorship Application Contract